Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Leader sobs uncontrollably BOSS
Stumble on journey TRIP
Cat turns up with mother PUMA
Old friend gets a stone OPAL
Spit out the ends TIPS
Mark the Spanish officer COLONEL
Shambles involve actor HAM
Show new spirit DEMON
Course right for ship LINER
Unfortunate stain on cloth SATIN
Scare away worries CARES
She’s on the line PEG
Crossing a bird PELICAN
Dish gone west STEW
Spy garden pest MOLE
Organise sale of drinks ALES
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Notice venue SPOT
Vocally obstruct some states BLOC
Close to animal SEAL
Subdued man’s first bad duet MUTED
Knock Pat over TAP
Supermarket has style PERM
Smile possibly goes far MILES
Lawmen ask nicely out loud! POLICE
Somehow enrol recluse LONER
Filmed host working SHOT
Brute has article to mail off ANIMAL
Saying fellow is on way back MAXIM
Goes on at horses NAGS
Drive back to see film about parking REPEL
Small jug and pipe SEWER
Agreement sounds full PACT
Trophy includes old stunt COUP
Following from main exterior NEXT
Healthy colour in Istanbul TAN