Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Stomach failure of dive BELLYFLOP
Leaves out of room itself OMITS
Land is a small nuisance SPAIN
Baby’s drink TOT
Rubbish in statistics TAT
Speak childishly with loose lips LISP
Hated being tested unfairly DETEST
Good man takes family to be destitute SKINT
Chance to laugh at quiet writer HAPPEN
Melanie has style ELAN
Glitter has provided light LIT
British artist in underwear BRA
Matter to a peer COUNT
Fish in the corner ANGLE
Deny large composition is fabled LEGENDARY
Gives out wrong times EMITS
Lean on table LIST
Secure fellow has a gun FASTEN
Talk at zero speed ORATE
Girl to pawn flower HOLLYHOCK
Cases of trendy positions INSTANCES
Best pins used by tennis player? TOPSPIN
Ten-part arrangement of design PATTERN
Holding racket inside DIN
Contain kitchen appliance KETTLE
Some smoke is excellent additive PLUME
Large order for drink LAGER
Reportedly excluded writer BARD