Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
The woman threw Bert sorbet SHERBET
Dependable outbuilding STABLE
Trying to reassess risk round yours truly IRKSOME
Book’s self-dedication TOME
Flames are terribly rife FIRE
Cry about table BLEAT
Metal guide LEAD
Vast sort of barrels VATS
Lied about Republican dreamer IDLER
Only a lake MERE
Fish with a musical tail CODA
So-called loan arranged with time NOMINAL
More impetuous, getting some bacon RASHER
Set off the first ship-worker TRIGGER
New arts supremo TSAR
Fond of a harmonic PARTIAL
Miles away from dirt SLIME
Present during the recording HERE
Determined to have done this puzzle again! RESOLVED
Handles nice surprises TREATS
Requesting no girder replacement ORDERING
Provided dinner – the heart of wifedom? FED
Listener fixes each pain EARACHE
Devoured less than nine, say ATE
Bird flying in Lent LINNET
Moral dilemma for food processor MOLAR
Bother about race CARE
Uncovered ursine mammal, say BARE