Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers April 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Phoned after parking accident PRANG
Move into underwear SHIFT
Wooden record LOG
Distribute a toll differently ALLOT
Panic that wakes you up ALARM
Fewer around animal EWE
Catch in one trap NET
Roused about employment USE
Creature of romance MAN
Set tea out in the grounds ESTATE
Cricket match can be trial TEST
Gossip about pressure holes GAPS
Shade cowardly YELLOW
Limit on headwear CAP
Field of pleasure LEA
Granny’s bread NAN
Guided by a light LED
Small tree shows endurance SPINE
Turn aside and declare time AVERT
Won over for the present NOW
Course right for vessel LINER
Gestures for second gins to be mixed SIGNS
Surface temperature on Mercury, say PLANET
Part of the play? ROLE
A portal’s made of stones AGATES
Stomach takes in morning variety GAMUT
Steel affected by bad weather SLEET
Question musical that failed to start HOW
Mite harmed something ITEM
Meagre sort of hint THIN
Auction includes British fur SABLE
A record peak ALP
Remain without a pen STY
The golfer’s conceit EGO
Period of underachievement ERA
Not initially sounding bored under shelter AWNING
School has current information on personal connections SINEWS
Berry Snr ELDER
Endures to final second LASTS
Recalled about visit CALL
Map of esplanade PLAN
Soon get a French veto ANON
Level with first woman EVE