Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Scholarly and rude about wearing tie ERUDITE
A ballot on old deity APOLLO
Hopes to get a steeple on Sunday ASPIRES
Wonderful penalty FINE
Kitty has good time on the day FUND
Old tales improved STALE
Point a set out EAST
Frozen sort of dice ICED
Guide a bullock STEER
Formerly in concert ONCE
Call for errand boy PAGE
Hampers one medium speed, strangely IMPEDES
Easy shot for model SITTER
Pets set out in groups SEPTETS
Register a fish BASS
Confound prisoner with safety device CONFUSE
Animal from eastern country ELAND
Got up like a flower ROSE
Gathering there’s a lot of snow in Germany DRIFTING
Followed directions and prosecuted ENSUED
Allure of money accrued INTEREST
Brief attempt to get chubby FAT
Stresses dialects ACCENTS
Shelter from sleet LEE
Notices European agents ESPIES
Fertile patch for a group OASIS
Pets turn out to be vermin PEST
Different from class FORM