Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Famous Scandinavian dog (5,4) GREATDANE
Credit myself with one felony (5) START
Small amount of parking in Channel Island (5) NAIL
Offence of losing (3) TEN
Started with sailor (3) AWARD
A study in port (4) ORGAN
For every boy is individual (6) STARGAZER
Begin small flan (5) RAISE
Detest taking energy right to appliance (6) DUSTER
Nothing about a form of digital protection (4) SCRAPHEAP
Swan enclosure (3) MINSTER
Contented with quantity (3) PARTNER
A room for trophy (5) PAR
Body part producing argon (5) TENDER
Celebrity photographer reads the signs? (9) APART
Lift gets more money (5) CRIME
Mean to change last word (4) SPARK
Rag rusted away (6) SIN
Gets closer from one arsenal (5) TAR
Cheap rasp thrown into the rubbish (9) ADEN
Miser gives second family rock (9) PERSON
Clergyman loses one of his buildings (7) HEATER
Companion equal to rent review (7) PEN
Same level within department (3) STARGAZER
Sensitive offer (6) AMEN
Isolated a section (5) NEARS
Fish in corner (5) SKINFLINT
Got a new garment (4) PARTNER