Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Aware I’m back to fund new student (7) ROLLMOP
Embedded in botany? (6) HINT
Turn to cleaner for snack (7) ACID
Heard man get letters (4) ADDER
Ultimate use of salt (4) LIED
Frighten cares away (5) DEPOSIT
Terribly thin clue (4) TREE
Sharp as a group of detectives (4) COMMAND
Mathematical crawler (5) MERIT
Party animal (4) IDOL
German song wasn’t truthful (4) DELICATE
Notes suggest a down payment (7) ASTEROID
Reading Norse translation about Frenchman (6) LID
Commentators make terrible din in places (7) ACADEMY
It grows in street (4) MINDFUL
Order from naval man without hesitation (7) ROOTED
Deserve new remit (5) ROLLMOP
Lazy-sounding hero (4) MAIL
Tied lace, terribly dainty (8) LAST
Pleads to have new order declined (6) SCARE
A drug to get heavenly body (8) STAG
Slide over top (3) LIED
Day came to improve college (7) SERMON
Brigade’s gear (3) PUNDITS
Difficult to get cheerful when poor (4,2) TREE
Venues of spectacles, say (5) IDOL
Lean on table (4) DELICATE
Healthy shade to be in (4) LAPSED