Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Quiet socialist has scrap (5) SHRED
Small shelter, having quiet nap (5) RAVEN
Drink of character, say (3) SAY
Creature less cold in East End (5) GARDEN
Enthuse to new bird (5) MIEN
A turn previously (3) ODDS
Are back for a long time (3) DERIDE
Alternatively get a paddle (3) SPA
Voice, for example (3) SEE
Dreadful danger in Eden (6) TRIPE
Mine changed in demeanour (4) COMET
Unusual to get second chances (4) STREAM
Ridicule notes on journey (6) DONOR
Betting on a spring (3) EROS
Facts in emergency (3) ADORE
Regard for diocese (3) AID
Mound of distortions (3) NOD
Nonsense food (5) DESIST
Round bees, terribly fat (5) SWEETS
Ready for collection (3) EGRET
Arrive on time to see celestial object (5) INTER
Reportedly corrects ceremonies (5) SPEC
Master new flow (6) SHRED
Perceive hare running (4) SLEEP
Artist gave off ruin (6) TEA
Entrance contains new sponsor (5) OTTER
Tears off for look (5) RAVEN
Member of whole group (3) AGO
God of the roses (4) ERA
Employer’s ruse (4) OAR
Love to bother engineers (5) GEN
Help from maiden (3) TOR
Also among pandas (3) OBESE
Agree with the head (3) SET
One politician is scoundrel (3) RITES
Stop diets spreading around school (6) HEAR
Sugary, small bonbons (6) RAVAGE
Surprisingly greet a bird (5) STARE
Bury in hinterlands (5) LEG
Details of his pectorals (4) EROS
Tiny part of a cat (4) PLOY
Weapon gets record points (4) AND
Nobel’s prize (1,1,1) IMP