Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Marched around building ARCH
Blessed with not as much LESS
The burden we bear ONUS
Doctor, on ship, finds plant life MOSS
Resident has Enid converted to Buddhism DENIZEN
A great deal of flotsam LOT
Thanks for every candle TAPER
Quick to knock with identification RAPID
Owlet wrapped in cloth TOWEL
You and I have time to get soaked WET
Bleat about journalist being tardy BELATED
Appear to join, say SEEM
Challenge to read out DARE
Being lower, have to shine GLOW
Main road is nuisance DRAG
Incline towards nurse TEND
Doom ruined tantrum MOOD
Spurn quiet French article SHUN
Enemy forced to land YEMEN
Creature of masses ASS
A great many shot off HOST
Arson involved navigation aid SONAR
Cancel directions to entrance NEGATE
Wines displayed strength SINEW
Hit pals around SLAP
Musical chap OLIVER
Dish as ordered by boy SALAD
Stop throwing pans POTS
Film about British dissident REBEL
Left omen about fruit LEMON
Turn in gale WIND
Accept Kate is different TAKE
Reversible action? DEED
Encourage farm produce EGG