Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tramp’s son developed into an athlete SPORTSMAN
Pity has transformed yours truly SHAME
Form new heaps SHAPE
Nothing seen in senility NIL
Hint of stipulation TIP
A study in port ADEN
Agent pours ale into void REPEAL
Sailors after Sunday become celebrities STARS
Hear silent order LISTEN
Rush at unusual rate TEAR
Content with quantity TEN
Field of pleasure LEA
Words about weapon SWORD
Organ generating gas ARGON
Yearn to follow compassion in complaint HEARTBURN
Conveyance’s surface PLANE
Dance film REEL
Resist plan by relation SISTER
Staring at a torn page AGAPE
Found his stable in ruins ESTABLISH
Condemning lodger, nip off DEPLORING
Cleric has lost one of his buildings MINSTER
Fashionable guy — he trips over HIPSTER
Rushed out of France RAN
Sensitive offer TENDER
Weight of boulder STONE
Keen to agree to change EAGER
Clambering around youngster LAMB