Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 2nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Take off costume STRIP
Brandished small barb SHOOK
Come in from barren terrain ENTER
A profit once more AGAIN
Quantity of honesty ONE
Father took daughter home PAD
Firm with new prisoner CON
Noticed a blade SAW
Cure using shade ECRU
Merit of learning EARN
Look deranged without editor, flailing GANDER
Supporter of golf? TEE
Shelter from sleet LEE
Stunning barrel inside TUN
Fastening in wet conditions TWINE
Scandinavian food SWEDE
Woman finds the queen transparent SHEER
Principal design for plates STAPLE
Got a new gown TOGA
Bookworm hesitates back and forth over poster READER
Writer joins church for money PENCE
Weight of a boulder STONE
Bird in the nest HEN
Bores with raw material ORES
Realise negative answer, say KNOW
Sheepish round wine producer OVINE
Atmosphere in Cairo AIR
Plugs have to pull LUG
Originally called in one engineer NEE
Copper gets point of signal CUE
Painter of unusual traits ARTIST
Number have tiny problem round Newcastle area NINETY
Lead off to right shrub ALDER
Put off animal, with time DETER
Throw sots out TOSS
Language in another sentence ERSE
Part of community UNIT
Now employees have to be obliged OWE