Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Firework found in salad ROCKET
Look in Tuscany SCAN
Always in same version EVER
Rip off boy in jail PRISON
Not far from one argument NEAR
Thus get attorney a drink SODA
Expensive-sounding animal DEER
Reportedly draw digit TOE
Food stored by hippies PIE
Everything unknown to friend ALLY
Not all of total, say SOME
Slide for small child SKID
Chap has time to run MANAGE
Show mode off DEMO
Raw materials from forests ORES
Usual moral difficulties after notorious start NORMAL
Get ready to tear directions RIPEN
Copy child’s bed CRIB
Nervous part of speech TENSE
Broadcast second conclusion SEND
Make box to contain energy CREATE
Sister translating runes NURSE
Spoken of morality ORAL
Test former spouse in the morning EXAM
Strange desire to live RESIDE
Stop cooking with European sauce PESTO
Left omen about fruit LEMON
Arrange letters for a while SPELL
Does rewrite some poetry ODES
Local man gets peaceful CALM