Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Friend working on ship MATE
Scheme to get some land PLOT
Except broken vase SAVE
Betting journalist was rushed SPED
Openings give Georgia an afterthought GAPS
Land seen worked by girl SENEGAL
Charming involves branch ARM
Slide off and move round SIDLE
Reportedly remained respectable STAID
The same two dots DITTO
Come in from barren terrain ENTER
Run off to get receptacle URN
Aunt is travelling around one country TUNISIA
Need to rearrange garden EDEN
Colour of most interest TINT
Part of Near East AREA
Calm in areas yet EASY
Grooms have space ROOM
Officers’ room in confusion MESS
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Stories used as oxygen, say SAGAS
Energy savings scheme PEP
Some time in Outer Mongolia TERM
Virginia finds cover reasonable VALID
Aristocrat has way to annoy PESTER
Remove broken bidet DEBIT
Last order for sailor SALT
Keep alien in bad conditions RETAIN
A number enjoy something DIGIT
Queen in banner ANNE
Put off animal, with time DETER
Nurse translated symbols RUNES
Surgeon’s desire URGE
Lois ran store SILO
Tiny part of a cat ATOM
Confused a year with shorter period DAY