Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Concealment of a total victory WHITEWASH
Grins at supporters BEAMS
School to manage, to an extent SCOPE
Barrel tax VAT
Started with a sailor TAR
Still in the venture EVEN
Hate being tested, possibly DETEST
Raged about mark GRADE
New shawl starts to get hot STOLEN
Genuine sort of earl REAL
Ape mashed food PEA
That woman’s in the right HER
City guides, we hear LEEDS
Roam around after a scent AROMA
Embellished his danger terribly GARNISHED
Pull from the avenue HEAVE
Cricket match can be a trial TEST
Has Edward got drunk? WASTED
Horse running by the sea SHORE
On the other hand, upset every slob OBVERSELY
I learn tip about being like a snake REPTILIAN
Frenchman to nag about light getting crushed MANGLED
Food provider sent crate with hesitation CATERER
He’s good at karate DAN
Moving so near ground REASON
Drama involving a rope OPERA
Wear down queen with poem ERODE
Husband sat around in headwear HATS