Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
That woman’s outfit, reportedly covered in hair HIRSUTE
Followed for being pure, say CHASED
Defeated contestant sprinted as well ALSORAN
Rent is audibly increased HIRE
Skin of brindled pattern RIND
Danes out of range ANDES
Bound to change diet TIED
Distance, say, from stunt FEAT
Protective garment for a quiet fellow APRON
Key cut out of channel DUCT
Visit inside of local landmark CALL
Receive in their order INHERIT
Sent in to organise game TENNIS
Tires of terrible decade FORTIES
His camera captured swindle SCAM
Sack bank employee CASHIER
Noticed sound of some cattle HEARD
Lied about avoiding work IDLE
Contemptuous of corns setting off flu variety SCORNFUL
Serious-sounding chap ERNEST
Slothful at home, getting benefit with book INDOLENT
Tear out of Tripoli RIP
Reject sentence after month DECLINE
Devour in one attempt EAT
Argument about a Republican tax TARIFF
Days for fruit DATES
Mention location in report CITE
Tom’s broken more than half MOST