Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers July 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Doubter infected with vitamin SCEPTIC
Dirt taken to cave GROTTO
Number turns it green INTEGER
My one is a pit MINE
Stop German report BANG
Vehicle to leave its load CARGO
Shack gets new search HUNT
Origin of botany? ROOT
Stare wildly at flower ASTER
Temperature in the atmosphere HEAT
Bars cane at school RODS
Succeed in performing evil rap PREVAIL
Fair to put notes with coin DECENT
Agent isn’t honest in answers REPLIES
Dog left to have a look OGLE
Trod warily round fellow who’s asleep DORMANT
Police operation is a pain STING
Once ordered ice cream CONE
Ready for homework to read out PREPARED
Vegetable as incentive CARROT
Trendy new travel break INTERVAL
British and American transport BUS
Criticised cook and journalist ROASTED
Leave time to have procured GOT
Delay basket HAMPER
Entire things, say, have gaps HOLES
Dire sort of journey RIDE
Celebrate destiny, say FETE