Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers July 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Elk has right to be gloomy MOROSE
Last order for sailor SALT
Tidy in one attempt NEAT
A beast of burden has time for charm AMULET
Got a new parent for kid GOAT
Made off with cheese EDAM
Worry about race CARE
I will get sick ILL
Lashed around tree ASH
Damn vermin RATS
Honest old writer OPEN
Except broken vase SAVE
Musical lubricant GREASE
Pleased with relaxation EASE
Stallion gets big TALL
Go on to throw marble RAMBLE
Intends to find method MEANS
Player outraged about defeat ROUT
Come in from barren terrain ENTER
Long story about a gas SAGA
A cat in charge at a small level ATOMIC
Whole time alto performed TOTAL
Study time of damage DENT
Sacred, containing land ACRE
Push novice to get implement SHOVEL
Tessa returned something valuable ASSET
Rage affected range ANGER
Article with yours truly as subject THEME
Pale sort of ring PEAL
Clambering around youngster LAMB