Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers July 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Port has only swimmer DOVERSOLE
Pushing engineers with joint HINGE
Points out nose SNOUT
Previously used in poetry ERE
Quantity of contents TEN
Book raved about a vegetable OKRA
Instruction not to wear so much LESSON
Small wine for fun SPORT
Dispenser of drink has ape confused TEAPOT
Terribly neat feature of Sicily ETNA
Permit to hire LET
The golfer’s conceit EGO
Wear down queen with poem ERODE
Looked for gold, travelling around east OGLED
Dream about safe saint FANTASISE
He admits being the proprietor OWNER
Weapon gets record points EPEE
Resist plan for relative SISTER
Creatures of pride LIONS
Smothers car pedals THROTTLES
Usual small yardsticks STANDARDS
Understood German talked hoarsely GRASPED
Gents, eg, fritter away funds NESTEGG
Great deal of flotsam LOT
Mighty river shelter POTENT
Recreated a halo in greeting ALOHA
Charges for rings TOLLS
Nose operation takes ages EONS