Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dog in the evening sun SETTER
Attorney finds politician wet DAMP
Raid carried out without water ARID
Swine upset one bird PIGEON
Space is useless VOID
Rage about wheel GEAR
Finished six deliveries OVER
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Pam struggled in some current AMP
Dish gone west STEW
Ceremony sounds correct RITE
Left tune at home LAIR
Cancel directions to entrance NEGATE
Throw sots out TOSS
Afterwards from both ends THEN
Range of former shelter EXTENT
Great purse design SUPER
Got a new garment TOGA
Extent of anger varies RANGE
Avid sort of performer DIVA
Loved to bother socialist ADORED
Plead to exchange bicycle part PEDAL
Language in another sentence ERSE
Invested with underwear VEST
Priest changed in spirit SPRITE
Distribute a great deal, say ALLOT
Nervous part of speech TENSE
We sat around – hard work SWEAT
Press club IRON
Detest such heat HATE