Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cooked second twee dessert SWEET
Mollusc has small talon SNAIL
Doctor joins British crowd MOB
Mother’s character? NATURE
Swinging round part of the house WING
Spinning round pub INN
Fond of a harmonic PARTIAL
Increase general chaos ENLARGE
Don’t stand for a fib LIE
Take out timber TEAK
Abandon on London street STRAND
Get oysters with trifle TOY
City can produce language LATIN
Not once was nerve lost NEVER
Emotional, treating ten ailments SENTIMENTAL
Bemused with creature EMU
Mound of distortions TOR
A party has one defence ALIBI
The French girl sensitive to money LEGALTENDER
Wager with a foreign character BETA
Hitting with can TIN
Same level within department PAR
Feel remorse, the French way RUE
Smallest amount went stale LEAST
Stomach has small wind GUST
Field of pleasure LEA
Not returning a great deal TON
Very excited about whiskey RYE