Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bat makes a noise RACKET
Cleaner sort of opera SOAP
Gather pear was cooked REAP
Vow to put pressure on sill PLEDGE
Mature pier design RIPE
Like a family AKIN
Instrument among flutes LUTE
Rendition’s conclusion END
Father left as an ally PAL
Day for fruit DATE
Press club IRON
Moved over to roam ROVE
Abandon defence of rotten trees DESERT
Pleased with relaxation EASE
Boy has right to be fat LARD
Star ready for the evening SUNSET
Quick to knock with identification RAPID
Cut in personnel CREW
Handle a nice surprise TREAT
Possibly airs garment SARI
Mentioned old conifer on the day OPINED
Beg to fix pedal PLEAD
Superman’s county? KENT
Loosen at a French party UNDO
Splinter of silver, possibly SLIVER
Fairy left in jeopardy PERIL
Danes out of range ANDES
Met to compose song MOTET
Scan a red construction READ
Officers’ room in confusion MESS