Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Grooms have space ROOM
Attentive to wrong part RAPT
New face for restaurant CAFE
Organise sale of drinks ALES
Flit about in elevator LIFT
County has finished with girl DONEGAL
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Transfer note in transaction DECAL
Wise Men caught by sorcery MAGIC
Stall Derek by a year DELAY
Coach in art management TRAIN
Appearing to have food PEA
Barrier a long time getting compensation DAMAGES
Plant is a pulse, we hear BEET
Reportedly regretted being impolite RUDE
Bedouin destroyed a bar ARAB
Present soldier with loud tune, at first GIFT
School went ahead with winter transport SLED
Way out of Broads? ROAD
Honest old writer OPEN
Dish as ordered by boy SALAD
Briefly judge REF
Ring time on unlimited folly TOLL
Fellow lied about ground FILED
Find changes to lace LOCATE
A pie’s changed colour SEPIA
Late ordering duck TEAL
Happy to be told not to start ELATED
Raced around tree CEDAR
Seize outlandish garb GRAB
Cried about beverage CIDER
Worker hurt student of labour NATAL
Advertise bung PLUG
Bird must lug up fifty GULL
Broadcast second conclusion SEND
Consume blended tea EAT