Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Musical game CHESS
Small wine, for fun SPORT
Owned in both addresses HAD
Come in from barren terrain ENTER
Strange to send a line ALIEN
Wonder in drawer AWE
Kitty spotted inside POT
Offence of losing SIN
Relaxed during conversation SAT
Exaggerate concerning party OVERDO
New role for knowledge LORE
Dorothy’s points DOTS
Snigger at trite move around junction TITTER
Sick of villagers ILL
Drink of character, say TEA
And not out of ignorance NOR
Removal includes eggs OVA
Venue for fish, say PLACE
Devil laughing about house VILLA
Definitely an article? THE
Yemen overcame opponent ENEMY
Steel suffers in bad weather SLEET
Man joins the Spanish church CHAPEL
Laugh to behold ring of light HALO
Boss rioted unexpectedly EDITOR
Feeling that may be common SENSE
Tolerate stall STAND
Hope woman has somewhere to sit PEW
Raw materials from forest ORES
Reportedly nailed sensitivity TACT
Furious buccaneer loses head IRATE
Captain has fitting APT
Beastly medic? VET
Verse of modernity ODE
Low-flying bird OWL
Embellished or terribly neat ORNATE
Good man with ash gets in the way STREET
Object to layabout from the country ITALY
Pasta turned out to be Spanish food TAPAS
Lied about being lazy IDLE
Nothing but affection LOVE
Darts player’s place in Rochester OCHE
Energy makes woman get married VIM