Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Californian rights to return food CARROT
Change gear in fury RAGE
Run around one derelict building RUIN
Chap has time to run MANAGE
Element of victory? GOLD
Not far from one argument NEAR
Student notices youngsters LADS
Atmosphere in Cairo AIR
Law-breaking tool AWL
Time in a trance, say DAYS
Race around tree ACER
Summon an errand boy PAGE
Mused about a Greek monster MEDUSA
Formerly in concert ONCE
Loaned the French book LENT
Discover the truth about Ted, etc DETECT
Arrived and left an animal CAMEL
Called for a step RUNG
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Brigade’s capital RIGA
Geek lost a krona ANORAK
Berry Senior ELDER
Notice eastern agent ESPY
Maiden’s attendant AIDE
Emblem on a bottle FLAGON
Shock a quiet friend APPAL
Dream about having weapons ARMED
Swiss painting is a picture CHART
Incentive to have money CENT
Animal worn on the foot? MULE