Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ruin nothing in terrible slip SPOIL
Set dopes off POSED
Go on at a horse NAG
Swap some coins CHANGE
Sketch a tie DRAW
Agree with the head NOD
Fill hole in improvisation STOPGAP
Happy with criminal shelter CONTENT
Confused a year with a shorter time DAY
Like a family AKIN
Cadge from cleaner SPONGE
Hitting with can TIN
Pears used as weapon SPEAR
Principle of reversibility? TENET
Another form is not as good SECONDCLASS
Spinning around pub INN
Blagged about prisoner LAG
Show indifference to cape SHRUG
Deposit on feathers? DOWNPAYMENT
Chap gets information on time GENT
Join a religious man ADD
Prosecute woman SUE
Unacceptable in Southampton OUT
A vine turned green NAIVE
Unfortunately sent home NEST
Holding racket inside DIN
Spite about mine PIT
Honest about quantity ONE