Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Palms off lights LAMPS
Arrange letters for a while SPELL
Roused about employment USE
Loafer gets terribly riled IDLER
Trust new support STRUT
A turn previously AGO
Sticking with twitch TIC
Devour in one attempt EAT
Voice, for example SAY
Festival involving a steer EASTER
Hearsay about bits of corn EARS
Changes as to fodder OATS
Somehow resign as a musician SINGER
Supporter of golf? TEE
Originally called in one electrician NEE
Scared to include transport CAR
Rubbish in grotto ROT
Staring at a torn page AGAPE
Prophet has new scorn SNEER
Study of cadences DEN
Guide a bullock STEER
Origins of Wimbledon favourites SEEDS
Finish result off LUSTRE
It’s a new drink ASTI
Dealer of commerce, really MERCER
Locates visions, say SITES
Tales about rock SLATE
She’s on the line PEG
God of the roses EROS
Tramp’s companion? LADY
Compensate by sending a note ATONE
Perform in Clacton ACT
Animal in glasses ASS
About to have nothing but eggs ROE
Is more than one? ARE
Cared about getting a row of shops ARCADE
Resins used by temptresses SIRENS
Bury in hinterlands INTER
Rages about wheels GEARS
Spit out hints TIPS
Language in another sentence ERSE
Copied from drape design APED
Honest about quantity ONE