Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cheer near the construction HEARTEN
Made us terribly entertained AMUSED
Puzzles set in the kitchen? RIDDLES
Notice place SPOT
Mine changed in manner MIEN
Arrived and left train element CAMEL
Piece of furniture sent east SEAT
Until engineer has a slate TILE
Woman has university student to invalidate ANNUL
My French king is brother MONK
Terrible sort of ride DIRE
Soldier on favourite wall PARAPET
First character raced around some shops ARCADE
Break right up — sadly true RUPTURE
Register a fish BASS
Two men are foreign RUSSIAN
That woman no different to a bird HERON
Change during meditation EDIT
A triad played on gold heater RADIATOR
Get comfortable at home with the French NESTLE
Nut leapt about when sullen PETULANT
Creatures of Armenia MEN
Manlier sort of rock MINERAL
Feel kind about animal ELK
Papers about soldier SAPPER
New remit for headgear MITRE
It’s expensive, darling DEAR
Liberate at no cost FREE