Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
City for cavorting pairs PARIS
Extra pears were used SPARE
Bored with raw material ORE
Come in from barren terrain ENTER
Rinse out once ascended RISEN
Grain of loathing OAT
Rubbish in statistics TAT
Child of resonance SON
Voice, for example SAY
Cricket team’s legs ELEVEN
Reportedly regretted being discourteous RUDE
Consumes a set recipe EATS
Look at unruly garden GANDER
Shelter from sleet LEE
Field of pleasure LEA
About to have nothing but deer ROE
Pole of round German gold ROD
A vine turned green NAIVE
Round bees, terribly fat OBESE
Beastly medic? VET
Change roles with no-hoper LOSER
Notices about Republican prophets SEERS
Baggage handler’s beer PORTER
A number from Marianne ARIA
Relaxed in desert conditions RESTED
Feeling that may be common SENSE
Weight of boulder STONE
Appearing to have food PEA
New tsar of music and dance ARTS
Notice eastern agent ESPY
Sheepish round wine producer OVINE
Wanting to include tiny creature ANT
Member of whole group LEG
Originally called in one engineer NEE
Roused about employment USE
Reach a river, somehow ARRIVE
Stews over carrying eastern bonbons SWEETS
Lad sent queen a tree ALDER
Condescends, say, to Europeans DANES
Quiet time for students around university LULL
God of the roses EROS
Finished six deliveries OVER
Nobel’s prize? OBE