Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dash round prints SPRINT
Charming about mischief HARM
Way out of Broads ROAD
Canter off in daze TRANCE
Yearn to be extensive LONG
Continuing like this before long SOON
Blessed with not so much LESS
Sick of villages ILL
Stop British article BAN
College of note, possibly ETON
Once ordered ice cream CONE
Hops off to emporium SHOP
Deface barrier, with time DAMAGE
Fix soldiers, on the day MEND
Regarded as part of play, say SEEN
Rodney ran that way YONDER
Instrument to fix stair SITAR
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Stressed about ringlet TRESS
Harold has nothing but ring HALO
A professor is handsome youth ADONIS
VIP doctor joins German university student MOGUL
City in Czechoslovakia OSLO
Still in the venture EVEN
Wages to enter back-to-front INCOME
Singer has one platform BASIS
Soft toy accidentally dyed with turmeric, head first TEDDY
Pears used as a weapon SPEAR
Honest old writer OPEN
Stick to pale daughter WAND