Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Glum, working with old magnate MOGUL
Small, effeminate rogue SCAMP
Unusual drink RUM
Cadge from cleaner SPONGE
Work into soup recipe OPUS
Rendition’s conclusion END
Chap has limb in piece of clothing GARMENT
Delight in generating pure art RAPTURE
Colour of muddy estuary DYE
Brag about clutch GRAB
Get a new gold dessert GATEAU
Are back for a long time ERA
Whole time alto performed TOTAL
Deceive the first man TRICK
Ideal fellow gets title correct MISTERRIGHT
Run off to get receptacle URN
Sluggish, having to pull LUG
Enough to have beer with politician AMPLE
Hand over dollar and cede control PASSTHEBUCK
Excellent game is played MEGA
Not even peculiar ODD
Gun-wielding beast GNU
About to have nothing but eggs ROE
Growth at factory PLANT
Change gear in fury RAGE
Animal gives party energy DOE
Partner’s painting ART
Started with sailor TAR