Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Victor to point to target WINNER
Stick to pale daughter WAND
Leave out of room itself OMIT
Time to jump SPRING
School yet to deal with inflammation STYE
Weapon gets record points EPEE
Firm around middle CORE
Total or just part, say SUM
Feline to get married TOM
Ready for home, we hear SETT
Crazy flyers BATS
Loot wasted on utensil TOOL
Priest upset band STRIPE
Long story about a gas SAGA
Great deal of service MASS
Longs for time with Poles YEARNS
We sat around? Rubbish WASTE
Boffin of inner depth NERD
OK bloke ROGER
Clever women’s group get directions WISE
Declare at cricket match ATTEST
Imagine being armed, perhaps DREAM
Step around vermin PEST
Remove during jousting OUST
Carve me out a leader EMBOSS
Met to design symbol TOTEM
Easy to work with small composition ESSAY
Decorate new red ship DRESS
Heard a girl cry ALAS
Row about rite TIER