Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hope dashed with new call PHONE
Stupid, small lily arrangement SILLY
One works for a long time EON
Pleasant to have English relative NIECE
Argumentative sportsman? ROWER
Beastly medic? VET
Betting on a spring SPA
Some poetry from Roderick ODE
Gullible person gets resin SAP
Regretting taking large decision RULING
Agrees with absurd dons NODS
Sailor finds the French skilful ABLE
Come out east and join EMERGE
Cross a sea with elite group SAS
Fired with rage IRE
Rodent inside crate RAT
Decanter is able to be seen within CAN
Slow down and pause, say BRAKE
Goodbye to a French deity ADIEU
Heating with element TIN
Move out with new poison VENOM
Reportedly posted perfume SCENT
For every boy is individual PERSON
Ring and laugh at work HOOP
Progressing to draw no return ONWARD
Somehow get loner to sign up ENROL
Spotted having five or more SEVEN
Juicer contains something cold ICE
Allows leases LETS
Cry at the old record YELP
Athlete to drive off DIVER
Falling over everything ALL
Roused about employment USE
Suppress German silver GAG
Removal includes eggs OVA
Rebuke for arranging rebate BERATE
Scope of former shelter EXTENT
Reversible note? MINIM
Puzzle concerning transport REBUS
Dodgy dealer upsetting VIPs SPIV
Look in Tuscany SCAN
Like a family AKIN
Fuss at a party ADO