Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Wrong, so man whinges MOANS
Argumentative sportsman? ROWER
Also in candy AND
Long to have caught Vera out CRAVE
School to manage, to an extent SCOPE
Advantaged with transport VAN
Number of intentions TEN
Originally called in zone engineer NEE
Healthy colour in Istanbul TAN
Purpose of camping? INTENT
Ploy sure to work RUSE
Shared with mammal HARE
Composer sounds more correct WRITER
Member of whole group LEG
Woman from Esher HER
Encountered the police in London MET
A turn previously AGO
A portal of stone AGATE
Queued, having left to dine out LINED
Nod back at academic DON
Reportedly watched part of play SCENE
Animal from eastern country ELAND
Control new course of stream MASTER
Formerly cone-shaped ONCE
A professor is a handsome lad ADONIS
Reportedly posted perfume SCENT
Enthuse to new bird RAVEN
Removal includes eggs OVA
Left newt out WENT
Endlessly regretting destruction RUIN
Creepy European lake EERIE
Fairy’s tune AIR
Fine Welsh novel NEW
Bothered about article THE
Employment in houses USE
A drama about some ships ARMADA
Stretch old nurse EXTEND
Sailing on her river RHONE
Business rated incorrectly TRADE
Blessed with not so much LESS
Break a leg in storm GALE
College of note, perhaps ETON
Singing with spirit GIN