Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ranted about being passionate ARDENT
His camera captures fiddle SCAM
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Friend and expert in building PALACE
Walk to portal, say GAIT
Not far from one argument NEAR
Fish with musical tail CODA
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Hippies’ food PIE
Yearn to be extensive LONG
Navy bird? WREN
Tear off at speed RATE
Time to jump SPRING
Pleased with simplicity EASE
Another day with some cattle HERD
Listen out for decoration TINSEL
Enough to have beer with politician AMPLE
Daughter finds university students boring DULL
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Long story about a gas SAGA
Cartel controlled wine CLARET
Copper, say, has new mate left METAL
Merit of learning EARN
Dog left to have a look OGLE
Wept about queen getting alloy PEWTER
Supercharger has somewhere to sit PERCH
Start playing notes ONSET
Majestic order for lager REGAL
Scan a red construction READ
Lack a young woman MISS