Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Mother to rant about secret word MANTRA
Element of victory? GOLD
Not far from one argument NEAR
Hit by small lorry STRUCK
Way out of planet LANE
Incline to be thin LEAN
Discard outhouse SHED
Dog returned to supreme being GOD
Exclude from pub BAR
Pale sort of request PLEA
Part of Far East AREA
Reported vision at venue SITE
Deal with one outburst TIRADE
Pleased with simplicity EASE
Complain at fish CARP
Modern centre design RECENT
Artisan’s mother and child MASON
Standard lack of elite soldiers! NORM
Beer with new king in joint ANKLE
Girl at a swimming competition GALA
Fruit of zero scope ORANGE
Fear movement of adder DREAD
Border of hedges EDGE
Wish for hard old exercise HOPE
Box on right shows sign of damage CRATER
Simple computer language BASIC
Subsequently alter form LATER
Complain when table gets broken BLEAT
Gather pear was cooked REAP
Willing bird GAME