Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cut in produce CROP
Highest level of architecture? ROOF
Present during the recording HERE
Does translate some poetry ODES
German gets terribly fit, for the present GIFT
Fond of harmonic PARTIAL
Faced with expert ACE
Rule out getting Frenchman primate LEMUR
Put off animal, with time DETER
Famous as a piece of music? NOTED
The golfer’s conceit EGO
Condiment in grave condition VINEGAR
Eager for knee operation KEEN
Manage to get eastern symbol RUNE
A novel once more ANEW
Locks personnel department with robot inside HAIR
Force boy to be happy GLAD
Firm to work in hutch COOP
Finished six deliveries OVER
The French girl is permissible LEGAL
Judge to cite without hesitation REF
Life-changing dossier FILE
Irritated socialist has one left RILED
Challenging attorney to call DARING
Strong beer STOUT
Reportedly instructed to be tense TAUT
Greek sort of trance CRETAN
Gauge medium tree differently METER
Recess in negative, all right NOOK
Number is small and divisible by two SEVEN
Nerd danced around one bistro DINER
Every ache is treated EACH
Scan a red construction READ
Hearsay about organ EAR