Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Big gap in astronomy BLACKHOLE
Worked in revolutionary recess NICHE
Travelling on her river RHONE
Unprepared for war breaking out RAW
Study of cadences DEN
Time to order something ITEM
Lamps break around first type of screen PLASMA
Guide bullock STEER
Cleaning aide rusted away DUSTER
After school I will get shelf SILL
Bird in the nest HEN
Wilt in passage SAG
Words used as weapon SWORD
Happy Londoners have powerful support PYLON
Notes farm equipment has critic DETRACTOR
Cruel sort of dosh LUCRE
Cut in personnel CREW
Lured over hard first barrier HURDLE
Creatures of pride LIONS
Sort tunes out outside – most unpleasant UNKINDEST
Happening to be tumbling BEFALLING
The ram’s turned into pet HAMSTER
Share out a variable gossip HEARSAY
For each experience has it PER
Sensitive offer TENDER
Horse running along bank SHORE
Big look around building IGLOO
Details of his pectorals SPEC