Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Robber prohibited something, we hear BANDIT
Charge novice to touch FEEL
Melanie has style ELAN
About bird being yellow CRAVEN
Arid sort of attack RAID
Look for join, say SEEM
Bound to alter diet TIED
Level with the first woman EVE
Exclude from pub BAR
Tardy translating tale LATE
Honest old writer OPEN
Agreeable resort NICE
Cordial drunk in gale GENIAL
Pleased with relaxation EASE
Arrange by type SORT
Flexible bridge RUBBER
Graduate gets prisoner some breakfast BACON
Not far from one argument NEAR
Nervous part of speech TENSE
Ticket price sounds reasonable FARE
Terribly mean to the Spanish – that’s hard ENAMEL
Pledged to have shelf LEDGE
Change during meditation EDIT
Lied about being lazy IDLE
Shopkeeper sounds more disgusting GROCER
Bishop gets responsibility for more money BONUS
New range of rage ANGER
Orals set about star SOLAR
Repeated with fuel PEAT
Climbing around branch LIMB