Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Keep in favour of temperature FORT
Marched, circling building ARCH
Laid-back face DIAL
Race around tree ACER
Owing to student conflict DUEL
Told of being of the same family RELATED
Nobel’s prize OBE
Riddle of the kitchen? SIEVE
Competitor has viral problem RIVAL
Handle nice surprise TREAT
Rinse out warning device SIREN
Set broken leg GEL
Lad, go on overturned boat GONDOLA
Made off with cheese EDAM
Always in same version EVER
Man of balance ALAN
Employer’s ruse PLOY
Poke quietly with stick PROD
Dread fare changes FEAR
Dance film REEL
Travels to get free points RIDES
Talented with drink ALE
Gap sounds complete HOLE
Check gold key and object AUDIT
Colour makes church ascend CERISE
Navigation aid that looks both ways? RADAR
Nothing but affection LOVE
Initially breeding bird and dog BEAGLE
Wear down queen with poem ERODE
Horrid and terribly evil VILE
The French girl is permissible LEGAL
Hardly a crazy Bedouin NOMAD
Understanding German epitaph GRIP
Finished six deliveries OVER
Raid ruined without water ARID
Confused a year with a shorter period DAY