Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Pressure and freedom is commonplace PLATITUDE
Appears to be weaving machines LOOMS
Furious corsair loses head IRATE
Thus have time to get drunk SOT
Youngster parking at university PUP
Mine changed in manner MIEN
Pretentious person rose up awkwardly POSEUR
Slides for small children SKIDS
Hear silent order LISTEN
Picture one prisoner ICON
Favourite dog, say PET
Same level within carpark PAR
Begin second quiche START
A French object joins small items UNITS
Gave beers out as drinks BEVERAGES
Get beaten, having nothing approximate LOOSE
Cricket match can be a trial TEST
Stand on three legs, fall, and do over TRIPOD
Suspend doctor and primate DRAPE
Sells beam off, above reproach BLAMELESS
Raise news about fatigue WEARINESS
Fiend arranged no terms MONSTER
Two chaps are foreign RUSSIAN
Secret number initially protected at home PIN
Confine boiler KETTLE
Extent of small stride SPACE
Credit one, myself, with felony CRIME
Father has hesitation getting cat PUMA