Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Reinforce a cushion BOLSTER
Dare to work with the French businessman DEALER
Shout about man being dependent RELIANT
Secures site badly TIES
Teashop in town stocks stronger drink PINT
I step out on the slope PISTE
Charge on time and distance FEET
Meagre sort of hint THIN
Raid carried out by old medium RADIO
Rent out a wader TERN
Disrupt loud pastime LUDO
Belittle each new writer CHEAPEN
Needless to lose ship bait NEEDLE
Rest set out ways STREETS
Brooding about god ODIN
Father, terribly tired, had a good time PARTIED
Spilt beer on top of the hat BERET
Raw materials from the forest ORES
Ghost finds journalist enthusiastic SPIRITED
Awful to rent out ROTTEN
Suggest getting familiar INTIMATE
Ape mixed up vegetable PEA
Hides veils SHROUDS
Hitting with container TIN
Disturbance about a scarf FRACAS
Terribly nuts about English songs TUNES
Loaned fast LENT
Liberate at no cost FREE