Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Jog the memory about intellect REMIND
God of the roses EROS
More excited by city ROME
Look for German weapon GLANCE
Picture one prisoner ICON
Ties up building place SITE
Great deal of service MASS
Originally called in one engineer NEE
Father left friend PAL
Look for shelter by right LEER
Honest old writer OPEN
Ours turned resentful SOUR
Set tea out in the grounds ESTATE
Reportedly look for join SEAM
Boy managed to get earl to follow orders OBEY
Rodney ran that way YONDER
Royal form of lager REGAL
Tom comes up with a form of defence MOAT
Decorate new red ship DRESS
Give out wrong time EMIT
Modern centre design RECENT
Feeling that may be common! SENSE
Lies about some land ISLE
Sailor finds the French skilful ABLE
Garment for British parasite BLOUSE
Stop cooking with European sauce PESTO
Opponent has Yemen confused ENEMY
Small fruit is weapon SPEAR
Ask audibly for quarry PREY
Group is prohibited, we hear BAND