Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 29th 2017

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Clue Solution
Informant at the bank TELLER
Ask hoarsely for tool RASP
Poet describing void OVID
Noble time AUGUST
Manage firm exercise COPE
Finished six deliveries OVER
Race round some land ACRE
Rendition’s conclusion END
Couple also heard TWO
Damn vermin RATS
Hot place in Coventry OVEN
Dire sort of journey RIDE
Wish to reside differently DESIRE
Tardy translating tale LATE
Owing to student conflict DUEL
Pay to get comfortable SETTLE
Walk like a vagrant TRAMP
Glue to fix toboggan LUGE
Reversible blade? ROTOR
Eric prepared some food RICE
Loved to bother socialist ADORED
Beg for new pedal PLEAD
Invested with underwear VEST
Heal dog with energy CURE
Improvise some pasta NOODLE
Tried working, exhausted TIRED
Danes out of range ANDES
Article with yours truly as subject THEME
Revealing about beef VEAL
Tim’s lost in obscurity MIST