Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
This often protected quiet SOFT
Left rascal a difficult walk LIMP
Large embrace with energy HUGE
God of the roses EROS
Support for parking PROP
Mother left song fever MALARIA
Greeting from beaver AVE
Illuminated about amount LITRE
Spoiling a lot with new nail TALON
Memorise renal layout LEARN
Spirit of information, that is GENIE
Lose argument about the Med, say SEA
Hurt mutant with radical rage TANTRUM
Left some wine PORT
Thus repeatedly mediocre SOSO
Sounds feeble for a few days WEEK
Book’s self-dedication TOME
Dull apartment FLAT
Most employees have to stop STEM
Dunce’s dessert FOOL
Young dog with one left eye? PUPIL
Sign from galleon LEO
European staff POLE
Old king has trouble finding fabled artefact GRAIL
Artist gave terrible harm RAVAGE
Loans arranged at the hairdresser’s SALON
Equal with a soldier PARA
Opposed to taking over sushi VERSUS
Temperature sent haywire in accommodation TENTS
Pale sort of spring LEAP
Idiot gets engineers an explosive compound NITRE
Consumed by school, say EATEN
Show contempt for skewer SPIT
Trolls take tumble ROLL
Tom’s broken more than half MOST
Be obliged to dreadful woe OWE