Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Indifferent to a quiet sporty student being left out APATHETIC
Father also took in bear PANDA
Instruct confused cheat TEACH
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Wanting to include tiny creature ANT
Stream of brilliance RILL
Declare at cricket match ATTEST
Pickup truck by turret TOWER
Walk like small ogre STROLL
Border of hedges EDGE
Help from maiden AID
Distant RAF manoeuvre FAR
Whisper to a team ASIDE
Compensate by sending a note ATONE
Cute siren went off for very long time CENTURIES
Window left on board PANEL
Late ordering the duck TEAL
Set tea out in the grounds ESTATE
Furious buccaneer loses head IRATE
Tramp’s son developed into cricketer SPORTSMAN
Talked of church treated badly CHATTERED
Muscle moving odd tile DELTOID
Beg in French for handle ENTREAT
Law-breaking implement AWL
First-born gets sled to play with OLDEST
Lift gets more money RAISE
Go on about remote-controlled aircraft DRONE
Reasonable entertainment FAIR