Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tim’s one order, to add water MOISTEN
Excavate channel backwards, being pompous TURGID
Pen new melody for deity NEPTUNE
Work into soup recipe OPUS
Copies of tapestry APES
A flat turned out to be deadly FATAL
Be anxious about line found on neck FRET
Recording a pet playing TAPE
Engineers manage to get programme repeated RERUN
The others relax REST
Friends shoot at school BUDS
Makes boxes to contain energy CREATES
Stands and delays STALLS
Groups set step out SEPTETS
Most arguments are about celebrity STAR
Time to use poorer soldier TROOPER
Without a mathematical sign MINUS
Does translate some poetry ODES
Aides tut about being found SITUATED
Irritate with a hypodermic NEEDLE
Nut leapt about, sulking PETULANT
Is more than one? ARE
Sat, less worried about decorations TASSELS
Captain has fitting APT
Scuffle about a scarf FRACAS
Corrodes truss badly RUSTS
Top bets are lost BEST
Stop sending letters POST