Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Want to improve German accent TWANG
Baffle the remainder STUMP
Brigade’s gear RIG
Reversible blade? ROTOR
Stupid pub has a point INANE
Also among pandas AND
Favourite dog, say PET
Hearsay about organ EAR
Run off to get receptacle URN
Course brought on salver, say ENTREE
Does order some medicine DOSE
Change gear in fury RAGE
Wife builds a tomb for marsupial WOMBAT
Talk of argon, say GAS
Same level within department PAR
Stipulate about dump TIP
You and I have time to get soaked WET
Animated a veil badly ALIVE
Representative time with book AGENT
Rushed out of France RAN
Don’s upset with unknown council SYNOD
Use betting at conclusion SPEND
Stand with three legs, stumble, and ring head doctor TRIPOD
Complain audibly at drink WINE
A portal’s made of stones AGATES
Salute engineers and get out GREET
Look at new rates STARE
Not returning a great deal TON
Our Duncan’s tongue URDU
Map of esplanade PLAN
Roam around after a smell AROMA
Struggled with mat RUG
One writer’s novel NEW
Are back for a long time ERA
Removal includes eggs OVA
A trite form of costume ATTIRE
Old writer has note to dole out EXPEND
Plumped for new depot OPTED
British traitors are spoilt children BRATS
Gasp, somehow, at holes GAPS
Small, pale bird SWAN
Terrible name for a tsar IVAN
The golfer’s conceit EGO