Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
A lot of money for parcel PACKET
Weapon came out MACE
Woman from Fair Isle IRIS
Fastening in series STRING
Mark’s out of mascara SCAR
Language in another sentence ERSE
Dog really captured monster OGRE
See nothing in Manila NIL
It’s a new way to relax SIT
Colourless sort of leap PALE
Honest old writer OPEN
Game in pool, possibly POLO
Refusal to work in lead DENIAL
Lies about some land ISLE
Regretted, say, being coarse RUDE
Relative to resist change SISTER
Glue to fix a step PASTE
Worry about race CARE
Row about German animal TIGER
Lack young woman MISS
Rise of a perfume ASCENT
Force loner to sign up ENROL
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Page, torn, will hang open GAPE
Dolt is terribly unemotional STOLID
Great purse, ruined SUPER
Danes out of range ANDES
Sovereign for stationery item RULER
Supposed to have to stand for photo POSE
Tim’s lost in obscurity MIST