Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Consumed by school, say EATEN
Position of a flower LOTUS
Large British soldier gets turned BIG
Bet storm involves doctor GAMBLE
Wager with a foreign character BETA
Struggled with mat RUG
Step on the French pedal TREADLE
Take me back to pub and leave ban EMBARGO
Limit headwear CAP
Useless to be conceited VAIN
Small role on a Greek place SPARTA
Draw a digit, say TOW
Mention freer arrangement REFER
Reticent about trees TERSE
Keen person to agree to train animal EAGERBEAVER
Draw back from English bishops EBB
See nothing in senility NIL
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Wave weapon at literary great SHAKESPEARE
Rage about equipment GEAR
Gullible person gets some coffee MUG
Started with sailor TAR
The golfer’s conceit EGO
Short instructions BRIEF
Tugs moved by wind GUST
Scared to include transport CAR
Spotted Kitty inside POT
Wonder inside drawer AWE