Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers September 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Time to jump SPRING
Wears furs and waves SURF
Melanie has style ELAN
Alternatively gone off in a state OREGON
Drifting around division RIFT
Part of community UNIT
Save broken urn VASE
Point to the Spanish swimmer EEL
Last word from the cricket BYE
Section within department PART
Throw cats out CAST
Search for an image LOOK
Story of foot? LEGEND
Avid sort of performer DIVA
Question wife on chicken WHEN
Pay to get comfortable SETTLE
Second wine, for fun SPORT
Dance film REEL
Clever person lost one type GENUS
Possibly airs dress SARI
Joined the team UNITED
A flat turned out to be deadly FATAL
Not far from one argument NEAR
Pass out, seeing snakes ASPS
Find solution to fish in river DECODE
Feel depressed underneath BELOW
Endlessly pester about emblem BADGE
Like a family AKIN
Incentive to have money CENT